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Oct. 25th, 2006 @ 07:27 pm Help needed from local nerds.
I'm a musician in the pittsburgh area who has worked with several other musicians in this area and has been dying to do some geek music. All of the musicians who have worked with my project (Called project, "Tardisphere" at the moment, its just a codename. ...a nerdy codename.) Very few of the musicians I worked with were able to add anything to the project due to their lack of geekiness. They were very passionate about creating music, but were more interested in supplying sounds for stoner jam sessions (Not that theres anything wrong with that, its just not what I'm going for.) The project would involve alot of stage roleplaying, musical talent, and an abundant knowledge of sci-fi, fantasy, anime, comic books, ect ect. So I'm looking for musicians/actors in the Pittsburgh area.

In addition, for the project we would need animators, anyone with animation skills in the pittsburgh area who would be interested in helping a group of fellow nerds rock out with some slick animation should also reply.

Basically, if you feel you have any skills that could benefit a musical experience, either reply here, or email me at unkybong@hotmail.com

Any replies would be much appreciated.
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